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5 Myths about the Cleanup of a Link Profile

Since in the course of officially announced Google Search Algorithm update Penguin 2.0 few weeks ago thousands of website owners are probably again be busy with their painstakingly built backlinks using the Google Disavow tools to validate, we want you to go ahead with cautious and correct path to validate your link value instead of making silly mistakes.

There are few myths rumored on Web for Cleaning Link Profile. So we are explaining here the myths and their explanation.

Myth 1: Remove all links obviously bought for Google
False : The Google Webmaster Guidelines do not prohibit the buying links, but only write purchased or sponsored links must be marked with rel=nofollow. Indiscriminately removing all purchased links will never position you better instead, one should look at each link thoroughly, For example due to paid links prominent positioning heavy volume of visitors could be derived to website but with a rel=nofollow tag.

Myth 2: Remove all substandard links
False : Most instructions for cleanup of the link profile of a website suggest you must analyze all links under a certain value (Domain Authority, PageRank, etc.) through available tools to determine which are the valuable and devalue links. Rather than simply removing all links below a certain threshold you should again look at each link and retain those links in which the linking website has the potential to get on their high quality authority.

Myth 3: Links with brand related anchor texts are all good
Wrong : Said instructions for streamlining the often link profile also propose to sort the links of a website according to their anchor text and to remove only those whose anchor text consists solely of one or more keywords. Unless it is solely due to a penalty of keyword links, the links you should always look with brand related anchor texts and those linked pages who do not add value to the visitors, can also be removed.

Myth 4: Link to cleanup best to use a tool
False : The tools offered specifically for the cleanup of the link profile of a website make unquestionably represents a relief, but should not be used for clearing a fully automated link profile. The automated assessment of links based on certain metrics is often incorrect and can lead to high quality links that are proposed for removal or substandard links may not all be detected.

Myth 5: You should not use the tool Disavow
Wrong : The fear that the use of the Disavow tools like an admission of guilt and could possibly even cause you is not even released from its penalty. Idiocy is Google Disavow tool is intended for those to devalue links, their manual distance for some reason was not possible.

Since the links of a website can be difficult to shave over a ridge, is the cleanup of any complaint by Google link profile is a major challenge and should not be made `in-between times just so '. If it is possible, you should also look at the link manually clean each link and always ask this: Does this link for the website visitors to the respective sense or not?

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